City Of Springfield To Renew Search For City Manager In Fall

Jul 3, 2019

After reviewing 42 applicants and interviewing three finalists for its city manager position, the City of Springfield has decided to…keep looking.

After longtime City Manager Gino Grimaldi announced plans to step down in June, officials went about recruiting and evaluating potential successors.  Three finalists from Missouri, California, and Colorado were brought in for a meet-and-greet event late last month, but…

“…none of them were the person we were looking for,” says Christine Lundberg, Mayor of Springfield. 

Lundberg says they need a visionary who best matches their aspirations to become a progressive, small city with a hometown feel.

“That person is someone that can work with us closely, work with the community very closely, and help us get to that next level that we want to be of, as a city.”

Lundberg says the city council will take a breather for the summer, then regroup in the fall to resume the search. In the meantime, City Attorney Mary Bridget Smith is acting City Manager.

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