Civic Alliance Selects Architects To Build Civic Park

Mar 5, 2016

Architects have been selected to design facilities at the old Civic Stadium. The non-profit Eugene Civic Alliance selected Robertson / Sherwood and Skylab Architect firms to design the new site.

Credit Civic Alliance

The architects will begin work on Phase 1 immediately. The goal is to re-imagine how to make best use the Civic space for the Kidsports Fieldhouse, the turf field, and the 2,500-seat stadium. Eugene Civic Alliance President John Anderson says they asked the architects to incorporate the history of Civic Stadium.

Anderson: "We have, as people know driving by, a big pile of crumpled up metal. And we also have saved some of the structural timbers, charred as they may be, so that, if possible, the salvaged wood can be used in some, at least, decorative fashion. So far, in the preliminary sighting of the stadium and field, it will be very close to where the prior stadium and field were."

The process is expected to take 3 -4 months, and will cost about $225,000. Following the design, Phase II will involve a complete budget for construction of the facilities and fields.

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