Coastal Breezes Expected To Clear Valley Air By Wednesday

Sep 5, 2017

Heavy smoke from area wildfires that has created unhealthy to hazardous air quality in Eugene and Springfield for the past several days. But, the National Weather Service is forecasting a change soon.

Credit Anni Katz

Laurel McCoy is with their Portland office.
We’re going to start to see winds come in from the coast.” McCoy says, “That’s going to start to kick into gear the process to mix that smoke out overnight as we continue to see that onshore wind. It’s going to help clear that smoke off to the east. So, I think, by tomorrow morning you’ll see considerable improvement.”
McCoy says the marine winds are expected to keep air cleaner for the rest of the week and there’s a chance of showers.
We aren’t going to see a significant amount of rain.” Says McCoy, “It’s not going to be like a fall system. But we could see some showers come up the valley Wednesday night into Thursday.”
 Also, temperatures are going to cool down into the 70s later this week for the South Willamette Valley. There are dozens of fires burning in Oregon. In the Roseburg area, dry lightening could create more fire starts this week.