Coastal Wetland Restoration Project Comes to a Finish

Aug 26, 2020

Last week, an environmental organization finished a wetlands restoration project near the coast. The 55-acre project began in early July and built upon previous restoration work on the Yaquina River.


Fish and Wildlife workers capture fish in the Yaquina River for safe relocation before proceeding to fill man-made drainage ditch
Credit Midcoast Watersheds Council

The MidCoast Watersheds Council and its partners completed the Yaquina estuary restoration ahead of schedule. The goal was to allow for more natural tidal flow from the coast into the river and increase habitats for salmon and other important species. 


Council Coordinator Evan Hayduk said work was done to remove a man-made drainage ditch and high soil levels that inhibited tidal flow.


“The permitting process is always a challenge for these types of big projects especially with estuaries,” said Hayduk. “For good reason. A lot of organizations that we work with have to make sure that all work is not going to have any detriment or damage to resources in the area.”


Hayduk said hundreds of fish were transferred out of the site to preserve their safety while the ditch was filled. The hope is that water will be forced into narrow channels, much like a natural wetland system. 


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