Coding Brigade Makes Economic Recovery In Eugene 'User-Friendly'

Jun 15, 2020



A local Code for America Brigade in Eugene is helping people navigate business and services, while Lane County works toward economic recovery.

Among Open Eugene’s ongoing projects, is Eugene Food Scene. It started as a google spreadsheet of restaurants from the chamber of commerce. Now, it’s a user-friendly website with filters and a map. 

The website was developed with the help of volunteers from Open Eugene, the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, and the site is hosted by the Eugene-based MVP Studio. 

Mark Davis, a programmer, says the volunteers don’t come up with ideas, instead they respond to community needs.


“We started working last year on emergency response relationships with public agencies and private companies to build resiliency into our local tech infrastructure," Davis said. "That work kicked into high gear when COVID hit.”

Other projects include turning White Bird’s Little Helpbook into a website and developing a COVID contact tracing app called Bubble Trace. Davis says anyone is welcome to contribute even if you don’t know how to code.