"The Color of Sound" Opens the Eugene Symphony's Virtual Season

Nov 27, 2020

Just like in March, the arts community had to pivot again when Governor Kate Brown announced a two week statewide freeze in mid-November. This meant the Eugene Symphony had to make some quick adjustments. 

Credit Courtesy Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard

The original plan was to perform a live concert with 32 musicians, instead of the full 83-member Symphony. This first performance of the season would’ve been streamed to the public at the end of November. But, Governor Brown's freeze started the day before that performance, so the Symphony had to pivot fast. 

Now, it’s going to stream a video of ‘The Color of Sound’ on Sunday, November 29. The concert, from April 2019, features music from Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

Executive Director Scott Freck says to be in the hall for the original performance was astonishing: “We used every single lighting instrument that the Hult Center owns to augment what was happening on stage with the projection screens, with this Radiance Orb. We had the UO Chamber Choir – they enter, walk down the aisles, each holding their own little miniature orb that had colors that would change too. It was crazy!”

Freck says, for now, the Symphony is just taking things a month or less at a time.

But, one day, he says: "Whenever we can get the orchestra together for rehearsal, that is going to be an absolutely magical occasion.