Commercial Harvesting Season Opens Across Oregon On Prized Mushrooms

Sep 2, 2019

One could argue that the summer fun’s largely wound down with the end of the Labor Day weekend and school back in session.  But if you’re a fungi enthusiast, good times are just beginning. 

Starting September 3rd, four national forests in Oregon will open the year’s commercial harvest season for matsutake mushrooms. Found under trees, these edible mushrooms are prized for their piney, cinnamon-like aroma, firm, chewy flesh, and versatility in recipes ranging from soups to spring rolls.

Chiara Cipriano of the Willamette National Forest says this season’s a bit safer given the lower rates of wildfires compared to previous years.  But it's still good to be cautious.

“We advise folks to have very good understanding of what characteristics the edible ones have, and our website does have a few tips for how to find the edible version of each type of mushroom.”

Matsutake mushroom season ends November 3rd. Permits are available for the Deschutes, Umpqua, Willamette, and Fremont-Winema National Forests.  They cost $200 for the 62-day season, $100 for half the season, and $8 per day with a three-day minimum purchase.

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