Confirmed Cases Of Pertussis Found In Lincoln County

Aug 8, 2019

Lincoln County Health and Human Services has confirmed several cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, in the area.

These cases are likely found in people who are not fully vaccinated. Pertussis is highly infectious and can be life-threatening to babies.

Public health nurse, Mollie Vance, says if a person thinks they might have the infection, they should make an appointment right away.

“Call beforehand because you don’t want to walk into a waiting room if you do have pertussis and cough on everyone else in that waiting room and get them sick. So call ahead of time and get checked out,” says Vance. “There is a test for it, to tell if you have pertussis or not, and there’s also antibiotic medication.”

Vance adds if anyone is unsure, they should check their vaccination status. The vaccine is a series of four shots before a child turns two plus two boosters as they get older.