Continental 'Indigenous Peoples March' Includes Eugene

Jan 18, 2019

Friday, dozens of people wound through the rainy streets of Eugene for an Indigenous Peoples March, one of 16 organized across North America

Rally attendees at today's Indigenous Peoples March outside the federal courthouse.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

On the steps of the federal courthouse, Native Americans beat rawhide drums, or spoke about topics ranging from cultural appropriation to safeguarding the environment.

By 11:30am, roughly half a hundred people assembled to hear speeches and drums in the light rain.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Noly Chouinard identifies as Pinoy/Cree, a mixed heritage rooted in the Philippines and Canada. He says this march is also in correlation with the Womens March being held this weekend.

Noly Chouinard, of mixed Philippine and Canadian Indian heritage (Pino/Cree) with a sign protesting the rate of missing and murdered indigenous women.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“But it’s also recognizing the struggles of our native women up north.  There’s a string of missing and murdered indigenous women all across Canada," Chouinard tells KLCC. 

"We have struggles here in Oregon, with pipelines coming.  Trump is very much for those kind of things, and those destructions of Mother Earth.  And this march also correlates with our brothers and sisters in our southern border.”

Choinard sang a song in tribute to the American Indian Movement, and said activism is needed more than ever these days.

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