Cops Say Don't Drink, Or Toke, And Drive- Extra Patrols For Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2017

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and extra officers will be on patrol to look out for people driving under the influence. 

Credit planephotoman

Greg Magnus is a sergeant with the Eugene Police. He says they’ll be watching for erratic drivers this weekend. Magnus says police will arrest drunk drivers and those under the influence of marijuana and other substances. He says with legalization of pot use in Oregon, more people are getting caught driving stoned.:19 “Statewide we’re seeing, and notably in Eugene, a huge increase in the number of people who are impaired by marijuana. Especially a lot of edibles and things. People just don’t, I guess, put in perspective that marijuana impairs your ability. I don’t know if there’s a belief that it doesn’t affect you like alcohol and other substances, but it has just as much effect, sometimes more so.”Magnus says Super Bowl Sunday is no different from New Years Eve, 4th of July and other holidays in terms of the incidence of DUIs. Eugene Police say in January EPD made a total of 63 DUII arrests. There were a total of 708 DUII arrests made in 2016 in Eugene.