Coquille COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts Spread Across Oregon

Feb 18, 2021

A Native American tribe based in Coos Bay says it’s been going strong on vaccinating its members – and others - against COVID-19.

KLCC reporter Brian Bull gets his first COVID-19 shot at the Coquille Tribe's new clinic in North Eugene earlier this month. The tribe has offered its vaccines and primary clinic services to area Native Americans, whether or not they're Coquille.
Credit KLCC

Kelle Little is Health and Human Services Director for the Coquille Tribe.  She says their clinic outreach has expanded all throughout Oregon, as many Coquille are dispersed across the state due to having their tribal status eliminated, and restored during the past century.

“Lane County in Eugene at the Ko-Kwel Wellness Center. Roseburg, and Medford, and then also the Portland area," Little told KLCC. "So we have vaccinated 960 people thus far, and after another outreach clinic in Coos Bay, we will be over 1,000.”

Currently there are 1,132 members of the Coquille Tribe, who live in Oregon and elsewhere.

Little adds members of non-Coquille tribes have been vaccinated as well recently, and household members such as spouses are offered the vaccine, whether or not they’re native.

This all helps to protect American Indians and Alaska Natives, who are at higher risk for COVID-19 infection and fatalities than other demographics.

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