Corvallis Hosts Forum On Impacts Of Disasters

Oct 8, 2015

September’s National Preparedness Month has sparked renewed interest in earthquakes and other natural disasters in Oregon. Corvallis will host a readiness forum tonight (Thursday).

The Benton County Public Library.

The Benton County Environmental Issues Advisory Committee has held an annual public meeting for years. This time, in addition to presenting the yearly environmental awards, speakers will discuss the impacts of natural disasters in Oregon. Benton County Spokesman Rick Osborn says the environment is an important issue locally, and this fall’s focus on the potential of a Cascadia Subduction Zone event has rekindled awareness:

Osborn: “It really has created an interest in people and more buzz and talking about these things and thinking about these types of things so that people are actually focusing a little bit more I think on preparing for those kinds of situations.”

Osborn says the presentations are titled: “Preparing Today to Reduce the Impacts Tomorrow” and “Lessons Learned from Recent Earthquakes.” The forum is open to the public. It place at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday).