Cottage Grove to Host 41st Annual Stearman Fly-In

Jul 26, 2019

Cottage Grove’s Oregon Aviation Historical Society will hold the 41st annual Jim Wright Stearman Fly-In on August 3rd. The event features the powerful Stearman biplane, which has been around since the conception of American flight.

A Stearman biplane, the featured model at the annual fly-in.
Credit Oregon Aviation Historical Society

OAHS executive director Janice Scanlon says that she is expecting over 35 Stearman pilots to fly into Cottage Grove for the event. Every year, the pilots land and share stories about their planes with the public.

“What’s fascinating about these planes is that they’re very powerful, and they’re loud, and you’re not going to miss it,” says Scanlon. “The public enjoys looking at them. They’re not like your regular jets you might ride to go to grandma’s house. But it will be significant when they come into our little Cottage Grove here.”

The OAHS also has a museum dedicated to preserving and telling Oregon’s colorful history with aviation.

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