Cottage Grove To Vote On Local Pot Tax in November

May 25, 2016

Credit istock

Voters in Cottage Grove could decide to tax marijuana sold in the city. Monday city councilors voted to place a 3-percent pot tax on the November ballot.

Oregon state law says local municipalities may only put a local tax on pot if the community votes to do so.

Richard Meyers is Cottage Grove’s City Manager.

Meyers: “Local communities can place a 3 percent—up to a 3 percent—tax on recreational marijuana items, and it has to go before a vote of the community, a vote of the citizens of that city or county, at the November general elections.”

Meyers says if it passes the money will go to the general fund. He says he does not know how much revenue the city tax would generate.

One city councilor objected to the proposal, calling the tax unfair.

Meyers says there are four marijuana dispensaries in Cottage Grove. Right now medical dispensaries are selling recreational pot, but that will change in the fall. Medical marijuana patients are exempt from state and local pot taxes.