County Board Selects Gary Williams To Fill East Lane Seat

Apr 12, 2017

The Lane County Board of Commissioners Wednesday selected Gary Williams to fill the board seat left vacant by Faye Stewart.

Credit Lane County

Williams, 65, served as mayor of Cottage Grove from 2000 to 2012. He’s a fourth generation resident of Lane County. He previously served as city councilor in Cottage Grove.

The board spent a full day interviewing candidates. They narrowed the field from 27 to 9, then 3. Board Chair Pat Farr says Williams will serve the constituents of East Lane County well and the board looks forward to working with him. Williams says he’s ready to hit the ground running. Gary Williams will be sworn in Thursday. Williams will serve out the remainder of Stewarts term which runs through the end of 2018.


Faye Stewart announced last month he would be stepping down from the board to take a job with the City of Cottage Grove. He served as East Lane County Commissioner for nearly 13 years.