COVID-19 *AND* Wildfire Smoke? There's A Mask For That

Aug 12, 2021

Oregonians are enduring two current calamities: smoke from regional wildfires, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As it turns out, one tool is helpful for both: face masks.

N95 face mask.
Credit Brynda Ivan

Travis Knudsen of the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency says it’s important not to just don any regular cloth face mask, though.

Smouldering stump and brush at Middle Fork Complex; COVID-19 pathogen
Credit Brian Bull/CDC

“Those masks don’t provide any benefits when it comes to your air quality and smoke. But the N95 or P100 masks do offer some protection," he told KLCC. 

"It’s important that your mask is fitted correctly for you and you’re wearing it correct to see those benefits, but if you have those masks, they do offer benefit to the smoke outside.”

The higher-end masks help protect against pathogens and particulate matter.  Social distancing and keeping indoors are further ways to protect oneself against smoke and COVID-19.

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