Creswell Welcomes Three Low-Emission School Buses

Aug 30, 2015

Credit Theresa Bichsel

The Creswell School District is replacing three diesel-powered school buses with new low-emission ones. A federal grant will cover 25% of the cost of the new buses.

Theresa Bichsel is the transportation supervisor for the district, which operates 15 school buses. She says the new vehicles will greatly benefit Creswell students.

Bichsel: "We have the opportunity with these cleaner burning buses to immediately impact our students and the immediate area around our school and our routes. In essence that is helping our community and the global community."

Bichsel says that the grant allows Creswell to get the older buses off the road much sooner than previously expected. Springfield, Reynolds, and Culver School Districts have also received federal funds aimed at removing older buses from their fleets.

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