Crews Attack Wildfire At Mt. Pisgah

Aug 15, 2019

People are being warned away from the Howard Buford Recreation Area – also known as Mount Pisgah - due to a wildfire that broke out Thursday afternoon.

A helicopter supports ground crews in fighting a fire at Mt. Pisgah today.
Credit Oregon Department of Forestry / ODF

Devon Ashbridge is a spokesperson for Lane County.  She says a Level 3 “GO NOW” evacuation notice has been issued for all park visitors.

A tall plume of flame erupts from the Mt. Pisgah fire.
Credit Lisa LaRoe

“We are telling visitors to leave via the main entrance near Seavey Loop and avoid the eastern portion of the park," she tells KLCC. 

"We’re in the process of closing park entrances, and depending on the size of the fire and how it progresses this afternoon, the closure of the park may be overnight or multi-day.”

Trails 7, 8, and 9 are the most affected. An Oregon Department of Forestry official says the fire is at 51 acres.  Three helicopters, three air tankers, and 85 personnel are fighting it.

The Willamette National Forest has sent hand crews.

The cause is being investigated.

This information is current as of 6:40 A.M. Friday, and is subject to updates as developments continue.

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