Date Set For Federal Climate Hearing in Eugene

Feb 15, 2016

Next month, a federal judge in Eugene will hear arguments asking him to dismiss a lawsuit brought by 21 young people against the government demanding it do more to combat climate change. 

Eugene teen Kelsey Juliana is among the 21 youths suing the federal government. She is also a plaintiff in a climate lawsuit against the state of Oregon.
Credit Brian Davies / Register Guard (pool)

Judge Thomas Coffin will consider the federal government’s request for dismissal. The kids are suing because they say the government is responsible for the majority of fossil fuel emissions creating global climate change. Attorney Julia Olson is with Our Children’s Trust, which brought the lawsuit.
“It’s really important that this case move forward so that these young people can establish that the federal government is infringing on their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property and harming their public trust resources.”
Three large fossil fuel companies have also been named defendants in the suit. They’re also requesting dismissal. Olson says all 21 young plaintiffs plan to be in the courtroom on March 9th.