The David Grisman Quintet, Still Evolving Acoustic Music

Jan 24, 2018

David Grisman Quintet

David Grisman has led evolving versions of his Quintet for over forty years, since the self-titled David Grisman Quintet album revolutionized the acoustic music world in 1977 with its merger of bluegrass, jazz and beyond.

His music has taken him down many other avenues as well, from his collaborations with Jerry Garcia, to his Acoustic Disc record label, where he has produced and presented acoustic music from masters across genres. He brings the current form of the David Grisman Quintet to the newly refurbished Jaqua Concert Hall in Eugene on Thursday, January 25th, including David Grisman (mandolin), Matt Eakle (flute), George Cole (guitar), Chad Manning (violin) and Jim Kerwin (bass). David Grisman spoke with KLCC's Eric Alan.