Deadline Approaches To Sign Up For Hazardous Waste Removal In Fire Zones

Oct 13, 2020

Oregonians who lost their homes due to wildfires last month have until this Friday, Oct. 16, to sign up for free removal of household hazardous materials.

The clean-up is being paid for by the state of Oregon and FEMA. To be eligible, property owners must first submit a Right of Entry form. That gives crews permission to enter the property.

Thousands of homes burned to the ground during a series of wildfires in Oregon in September.
Credit Andy Nelson / Register-Guard/pool

Each of the eight counties affected by the September fires has a separate form to fill out. Links to each county's form can be found under the section of this website titled "Free Wildfire Hazardous Waste Removal." Information is also available in English and Spanish by calling 682-800-5737.

Household hazardous waste includes things like paint, fuel, fertilizer, pool chemicals, ammunition and more. It can also include building materials that contain asbestos. The state is urging fire victims to sign up for the free service, since hazardous materials often require a specialized disposal process.

The state says this material needs to be removed first, before general ash and debris cleanup begins.