Deadline Nears For Eugene Residents To Tell City How Safe They Feel

Sep 10, 2018

Eugene residents have until midnight tonight to share their thoughts on how safe they feel for a citywide online survey.

An October 2016 photo shows EPD officers patrolling the Park Blocks.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Laura Hammond is the Community Relations Manager for the City of Eugene. She says the survey – posted a month ago -  gauges how people feel about programs such as the mental health court and CAHOOTS.  

Hammond adds insights about general safety issues surrounding neighborhoods and the downtown are also important.

“In terms of seeing some trends that are concerning...around increased calls for service, and increased wait times when people call the police," Hammond tells KLCC. "And so looking at what we can do to come up with some solutions that people feel are going to be important.  And reach the outcomes that are important to them.”

Hammond says people can still take the survey past Monday, but midnight’s the cutoff point for responses the city council will review for a September 26th work session. 

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