DeFazio Compares Trump’s Climate Accord Withdrawal To Iraq War

Jun 2, 2017

Oregon 4th District Congressman Peter DeFazio is among lawmakers decrying President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. He compares it to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


“What Trump is doing here by pulling out of the global climate accord probably presents a greater threat to the future of the United States and the world than that unbelievably stupid and disastrous decision to invade Iraq by George W. Bush." DeFazio says, "This is putting at risk the future of the planet.”
DeFazio, a Democrat, says the move will further isolate the United States from its position of influence in the world. He says it’s a disaster for both foreign policy and the climate. DeFazio points out the irony that China is now stepping in as a leader on climate change. The United States now joins Syria and Nicaragua among countries that are not signed onto the Paris Climate Accord.