DeFazio Introduces Massive Infrastructure Bill

Jun 3, 2020

Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio Wednesday announced a $500-billion infrastructure bill that he says will create millions of jobs.


DeFazio is chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He says the bill, called INVEST in America, will have long term impacts on the nation’s roads, businesses and transit systems. He says with the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, the bill will help with recovery.

“We’re going to have very high unemployment even as we come out of this and we need something that will put a lot of people to work, and a 21st century infrastructure plan, at a unique time, when we could push forward a green agenda to de-fossilize, and provide millions of jobs. 

DeFazio says he has support from construction industry leaders. The 5-year bill would replace the current surface transportation authorization which expires September 30th.