DeFazio Joins Critics Of Trump’s 4th Of July Plans

Jul 4, 2019

Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio is critical of President Trump’s plans to turn the festivities in Washington, D.C. into a rally with tanks and aircraft flyovers. 

President Trump plans to make a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial as part of his 4th of July rally.
Credit National Parks Service

 “Many years ago, I stayed in Washington once and watched the fireworks from the lawn of the Capitol along with all the rest of the public and listened to the music and it was just a wonderful celebration of what we all love about our country." says Rep. DeFazio, "And it should not be a politicized event.” 
Other Democrats in Congress are complaining about the added taxpayer costs of the president’s plans. 
So far, the White House has not given Congress an estimate of the expense of the 4th of July rally. 
DeFazio plans to spend the Independence Day holiday at home in Springfield.