DeFazio: President Trump Open To Infrastructure Overhaul

May 1, 2019

$2 trillion is on the table for nationwide transportation and infrastructure improvements, according to Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio. 

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This week, DeFazio and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with President Trump.  After the 90 minute meeting, DeFazio says he’s optimistic that the President is on board with their agenda.

“We basically came to an agreement that we should do major new investments in infrastructure, writ large," DeFazio tells KLCC. 

Donald Trump.
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"My contribution is roads, bridges, highways, and transit.  And that would come to $500-600 billion of additional investment needed over the next ten years, just to bring the system up to a state of good repair and begin to build more transit options to get people out of their cars.”

Trump has campaigned on rebuilding roads and infrastructure. DeFazio says their next meeting will determine how they’ll pay for it all.

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