DeFazio Responds To Trump’s Statements about Postal Service

Apr 30, 2020

Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio has long fought to fix the Postal Service’s financial situation. Now, the agency is in more trouble because of COVID-19 and he says it is needed more than ever. 


President Donald Trump has said the postal service is losing money because they don't charge Amazon enough to deliver packages. DeFazio says that assertion is false. And he says the service is more essential than ever with the coronavirus pandemic keeping people home and dependent on deliveries of prescriptions and other items.

“I would think the Republicans who predominantly represent more rural areas in the Congress would understand that and hopefully take a more enlightened approach than president Trump.”

DeFAzio says the last relief bill included a 10 billion dollar loan to USPS but that’s not enough. Earlier this year, he succeeded in getting a house bill passed that ends the agency’s expensive policy of pre-paying for future retiree health benefits. But that is languishing in the Senate.

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