DeFazio Says Dem’s Bill Will Help Those In Need

Mar 23, 2020

House Democrats are working on a spending plan to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio says the bill would get as much aid to people as possible. 

Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio in the KLCC studios.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Democrats rejected the GOP backed bill in the senate saying it favored corporations over people. DeFazio says he would like to follow the British example of guaranteeing the public 80 percent of their payroll during this economic crisis. But, he says that’s not going to happen here.

“So, we’re holding out for something much more direct assistance to workers. We also need childcare. We need extended health care. We need special unemployment for people who are self-employed. We need help for small businesses.”

The house bill also increases SNAP or food stamp benefits according to DeFazio. He’s home in Springfield, social distancing. He says there may be a change to house rules so he won't have to fly back to Washington, D.C. to vote on the bill. 

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