Democrat and Republican Share Civil Discourse At Eugene City Club

Sep 28, 2018

In contrast to the partisan divisions that played out in Washington this week, Democrat Marty Wilde and Republican Mark Herbert were cordial during a City Club of Eugene forum  Friday.

From left, Mark Herbert and Marty Wilde a the City Club of Eugene Friday.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

The two are competing for the Oregon House District 11 seat. They agree on several issues, including the need to invest more in education.
Both oppose Measure 105 which would end Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state.
But, Measure 106, which would end public funding for abortion, revealed ambiguity in Herbert’s position.
“I am conflicted about the whole issue of abortion to be candid with you.” Herbert said, “I am what I would refer to as pro-choice and against abortion. I am a firm believer in a woman’s reproductive rights-- that she needs to control those reproductive rights.”
Whereas Wilde is very clear:
 “I oppose Measure 106 because I am 100 % pro-choice.” Said Wilde, “Choice without access isn’t a real choice.”
The two also discussed cap and invest, PERS, health care, and taxes. You can hear the City Club of Eugene forum Monday night at 6:30 on KLCC