Demolition And Construction To Begin Soon For Eugene's Riverfront Development Project

Jan 31, 2019

A green-lighted riverfront development plan means Eugene residents should expect dust, delays, and demolition soon.

Schematic of completed riverfront development which will connect downtown Eugene to the Willamette River.


City Manager Jon Ruiz says with an agreement signed off with Portland development firm Williams & Dame, crews will get to work connecting the downtown with the Willamette River.

City Manager of Eugene, Jon Ruiz.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC


“So what’ll happen over the next couple of months, we’ll start demo’ing some of the buildings out on site that need to be demolished," Ruiz tells KLCC.


"We’ll be designing infrastructure, the roads, and the curbs, and the gutters.  And then as we move through the year and into next year, we’ll see some things start rising out of the ground.”


The City of Eugene says it’ll spend $12 million in public money on the project. It’ll feature a hotel, apartments, and retail space. Completion is expected ahead of the 2021 world track and field championships.


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