Deschutes Land Trust Purchases Over 1,100 Acres Near Sisters

Aug 6, 2020

The Deschutes Land Trust announced it purchased 1,123 acres of land along Whychus Creek near Sisters on Thursday.


Ariel view of Rimrock Ranch and Whychus Creek.
Credit Russ McMillan // Deschutes Land Trust

The goal is to preserve the creek’s natural resources through wildlife reintroduction and waterway restoration. 


Founding director Brad Chalfant said the Trust has worked with the land’s previous owners since 2003 to ensure the area’s preservation. He said Whychus Creek is typically dry this time of year from over-irrigation to neighboring properties.


“With our partners we’ve brought the creek back to life and we have salmon and steelhead slowly beginning to come back,” Chalfant said. “This is a property that will be very important as we restore it in the future so it provides a real quality habitat that these species need.”


Chalfant said the newly bought acreage will not be developed on in an effort to conserve and protect the land for future generations.


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