DMV Update Timely For COVID-19 Needs

Jun 29, 2020

The DMV office in Eugene is open by appointment only.
Credit Karen Richards

The Oregon DMV rolls out a new system July 6th. Ten years in the planning, it’s well timed for COVID-19 needs. 

Just six DMV offices were open from March to early June, and those issued only essential, commercial licenses. David House with the DMV says they had over 120 thousand appointment requests in June, all of which needed callbacks. Starting Monday, says House, “If your license is expired or you’re applying for new driving privileges, you’ll need to set an appointment for those at least through the summer.” 

House says there’s a grace period for expired licenses until at least October 1st. With the new system, people can replace lost or damaged cards online. House says Real ID licenses are available, and will be needed in the fall of 2021 for air travel in the U.S. However, he says, “If you could put that off as long as possible, well, that’ll help with the catch up with the COVID 19 crisis that’s for sure.”


House says drive tests remain on hold as officials find a safe way to administer them.


To make an appointment starting July 6th, visit the Oregon DMV website, here