Dog Bite At Mass Vax Clinic Prompts Request: Please Leave Pup At Home

Mar 31, 2021

Lane County Public Health has a request of anyone going to a drive-through vaccination clinic: Please don’t bring your dog. Let them stay comfortable and safe at home.

Public Health officials ask that when folks head out to drive-through vaccination clinics, please leave the pup at home.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Lane County spokesperson Jason Davis said they had their first dog bite at a vax clinic last weekend.

“Obviously our vaccinators are valuable folks, they have the hands that can do the vaccinations themselves, which is the whole point of why we do these,” he said. “And if they get bit, then we take someone out of service. And we want to prevent that from happening.”

Davis insisted most people in Public Health are dog lovers, it's just there is a concern when pooch is in the vehicle while shots are being administered. He said for the safety of everyone involved in the mass vaccination effort, ‘please leave your dog at home.’