Donation Allows St. Vinnies To Develop 2nd Youth House

Nov 6, 2017

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County has received a $2 million gift that will enable it to open a home for local teen boys who are homeless.

St. Vincent de Paul is developing this former church in South Eugene for a home for teen girls. They're looking for a 2nd home for teen boys in the Bethel neighborhood or Springfield.
Credit Rachael McDonald

St. Vincent de Paul is already developing a facility that will house homeless teen girls. The gift from Eugene tech company CBT Nuggets allows the non-profit to create a 2nd house for boys.
Ryan Lee is its Chief Operating Officer.
“All of us, I think, every time we go to sleep, we feel so thankful that we’re in a warm house. We have the opportunity to have 3 meals a day. We have transportation to school. We know what that next direction for us is. And knowing that there’s people that don’t and we can lend an opportunity. That’s just what we’re all about.”
The funds come through CBT’s global philanthropy program, NuggetLove. Paul Neville with St. Vinnies says they’re still looking for a location for the 2nd youth house. The home for girls is at a former church in south Eugene and expected to be operating in the New Year.