Dr. Nancy Golden Selected As Chief Education Officer

Sep 28, 2013

Friday, the Oregon Education Investment Board unanimously selected Dr. Nancy Golden as Oregon's Chief Education Officer.

Dr. Golden has been Interim Director since August. The former Springfield Superintendent will be  overseeing Oregon's entire public education system, from pre-K through college, to ensure students reach the state's 40-40-20 goals. That is, by 2025, all students will earn a high school degree.

One of the initiatives Dr. Golden is most excited about is Oregon's regional achievement collaborations. In these groups, local education leaders will work toward the state's goals. In Lane County it's called connected Ed, and Dr. Golden has already seen it in action:

Golden: "I was involved in that as a superintendent. It was one of my favorite meetings. 'Cause, you know, it's just very heartwarming to hear the presidents of your universities or community college working with you as hard as you are on making sure all kids are reading by third grade."

One unique feature of the model is called "budgeting to outcomes." Funding for post secondary schools used to be based on enrollment. Dr. Golden says Oregon's new plan will provide funds based on how many degrees are awarded. She says task forces will work with community colleges, to ensure there are incentives for them to expand their degree programs.

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