Educators Seek Guidance On The Future Of Oregon Schools

Apr 26, 2016

School leaders want to hear from all Oregonians about their hopes and dreams for education in the state. Wednesday, Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield schools are holding a community meeting as part of Oregon Rising.

Colt Gill is Superintendent of Bethel Schools in Eugene.
Credit Bethel School District

Oregon Rising is a statewide effort to get the views of everyday citizens on the future of schools in the state. Colt Gill is Bethel Superintendent. He says the effort is non-partisan and not connected to any ballot measure
Gill: “We’re opening up to dream about anything so it could be that when you were in school you had shop classes in middle school or you had 4 different foreign language options in high school and you want to see those things return to schools today. That’s the kind of information we’re looking for. What is it that our families want and think is important.”
Gill says they’re hoping to get at least 10 thousand participants in an online survey. The results will go to state legislators and local school boards.
Wednesday’s Oregon Rising event is at Sheldon High School in Eugene at 7 p.m.