Employees Petition Against Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Aug 26, 2019

On Thursday, nearly 20 employees with Eugene’s Pentagon Federal Credit Union picketed and delivered a petition against the company’s relocation of workers.

New Regional Financial Service Center in San Antonio
Credit Pentagon Federal Credit Union

More than 100 people are affected by the relocation of jobs to San Antonio. Those who don’t relocate will be laid off. Similar relocations happened across the rest of Oregon, as well as in Nebraska and Virginia.

The delivered petition had 87 signatures.

James VanderZanden was not among those laid off, but said he’s worked at the credit union for more than 12 years. He adds many of his friends were among those let go.

“There was nothing even hinting that this would happen leading up to what happened,” says VanderZanden. “We’re not asking for a whole lot. What we’re asking for is for PenFed to do right by its workers.”

Request for comment from Pentagon Federal Credit Union was returned in time for this story.