Endangered Sea Turtle Being Treated at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Dec 13, 2015

An endangered olive ridley sea turtle is under intensive care at the Oregon Coast Aquarium's animal rehabilitation unit after it was spotted in distress on a beach.

Credit nationalgeographic.com

The turtle was found Thursday at Bob Straub State Park. Aquarium officials and a state biologist arrived to find the turtle in rough shape.

Its location indicated something was amiss. The Pacific Northwest's cold water is far north of a sea turtle's normal range. Turtles that wash ashore in the northwest require immediate care and shouldn't be pushed back into the ocean.

The 48-pound turtle arrived at the aquarium conscious with swelling around its eyes. It also was hypothermic.

The aquarium's team administered fluids and slowly raised the turtle's body temperature.

Olive ridley turtles are classified as endangered so its recovery is important to the future success of the species.