EPD Constructs Huts For Homeless Individuals

May 14, 2019

Local emergency first responders partnered with mental health and homeless advocates to build a temporary housing hut in downtown Eugene.  Police Chief Chris Skinner says this is an example of 21st century policing.

The Eugene Police department purchased 9 Conestoga Huts with money from the City Council Community Safety System Bridge Fund to address safety needs. Chief Skinner says building 9 huts means 9 less individuals using emergency services.

EPD Police Chief Chris Skinner drills in part of the porch on the Conestoga Hut.
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

SKINNER: “This is the perfect partnership between Community Supported Shelters and White Bird CAHOOTS, and EPD to find those individuals that we can get them to a more stable environment and get them on kind of a path of wellness and that means we don’t have to respond as much.”

Chief Skinner says this partnership is part of a larger initiative for EPD to build relationships with local support services and citizens. Future Conestoga Huts will be built throughout the city depending on who’s willing to host the 6 by 14 foot temporary homes.