EPD Officers Fatally Wound Man Armed With Rifle

Sep 26, 2017

UPDATE:  The man killed in Tuesday's confrontation with Eugene Police has been identified as 31 year old Roger Craig Nielsen, of Lane County.  An EPD spokeswoman says the two involved officers’ names are being withheld pending investigative interviews.


An early morning confrontation today between Eugene Police and an armed man ended with officers using deadly force.  

Eugene Police Department Chief Pete Kerns, at the 100 block of Corliss Lane near River Road.
Credit Still from EPD video. / Eugene Police Department

Police were called to an apartment complex, where the man had taken a woman and her child hostage with a rifle.  After the woman and a friend pushed the man outside, he reportedly told her that he wanted to die in a police shooting.

Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns says when officers arrived, they found the armed man in another apartment.   

“Officers called him out, asked him to come out without the rifle and with his hands up," says Chief Kerns.  "Instead, he came out with the rifle, our understanding is that he pointed or aimed the rifle at the officers who were calling to him.  What we know next is that officers responded with deadly force.  And the suspect was knocked down.” 

Kerns says officers gave emergency medical care to the wounded man.  He was transported to the hospital where he died.  The case will be reviewed by the Lane County Deadly Force Investigations Team.

Meanwhile, the two involved police officers are on administrative leave.  

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