EPD Reminds Owners To Leave Pets At Home And Not In Cars

Jul 2, 2015

The Eugene Police Department is reminding pet owners to be aware of the heat and to leave animals at home. It’s too hot to for pets in vehicles even in the shade.

If you see a dog in a car, EPD says to call 911.
Credit www.care2.com

With high temperatures forecast to continue for the next several days, pets are safer at home where they have access to plenty of water. Although dogs enjoy car rides, Molly Monette with EPD’s Animal Welfare Unit says the department has received around half a dozen calls a day reporting dogs in hot cars.

Monette: “If we have suspicion that the animal’s health is in danger and they can die, we do have a no circumstances ability to break a window.”

Temperatures can exceed 120 degrees inside a car even with the windows down. Monette says officers haven’t had to break any windows this year because most have been left down.

Monette: “If citizens are concerned, we take it very seriously so they can dial 911 if they see a dog in distress in a car.”

Owners can be cited for two types of animal neglect if a pet is left alone in a vehicle. The ultimate punishment is a 6,200 dollar fine and up to one year in jail.