Eugene 4J Considers Common Schedule

Mar 28, 2018

Eugene 4J School District is considering a standard schedule for all of its schools.

Currently, almost every 4J school has its own schedule – starting and ending at various times, early release on different days. This leads to differing hours of instructional time, depending on the school. Eugene 4J spokesperson Kerry Delf says the goal is to make a schedule that works best across the district. For middle and high schools, start times now range from as early as 8 a.m. to 9:08. The new proposal would have a 9:05 start time.
Delf: “With this new draft schedule, if its implemented in this way, all teens, adolescents would have a later start time to school than many schools have now and that’s reflecting the research that shows us that adolescents do better with learning, on average, when there’s a later start to their day.”
The later start time will mean a later release time for middle and high schools. Elementary schools would have an earlier start and end time.
If approved, the standard schedule will be implemented in fall.
The Eugene 4J School Board is scheduled to discuss the changes at a work session on April 4th.