Eugene 4J School Board Votes Not to Renew Sodexo Contract

Mar 7, 2019

The Eugene 4J school board Wednesday voted to change its food service operations. The district will not renew its contract with Sodexo, they'll manage it in-house effective July 1st.

Cafeteria salad bar.
Credit Eugene 4J

Eugene 4J Board Vice Chair Anne Marie Levis says the vote was unanimous to go to self-operation. She says they’ve been talking about making the change for years with the goal of making meals more nutritious for students.

“We really believe that investing in nutrition is investing in our kids and investing in their health-- which is good for graduation rates, which is good for behavior, which is really something we should be focused on for the future of our kids.”

Levis says bond money will help fund the transition for school kitchens so they are better equipped for cooking. She says they’ll seek guidance from other districts including Bethel and Bend which already have self-operating food service.