Eugene Activists Push For Stronger City Response On Climate Change

Jan 13, 2021

During a City of Eugene Council meeting, Sahara Valentine (bottom right) pleaded with councilors to address climate change by targeting fossil fuels.
Credit City of Eugene Zoom Meeting

Eugene city councilors and the mayor heard from dozens of residents who called for greater action in addressing climate change, Monday night.

Testimony largely centered on eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Activist Sahara Valentine spoke as a member of the younger community.

“The community that will be inheriting the climate crises. That is very scary," Valentine said. Valentine is an organizer with Earth Guardians South Eugene and is a plaintiff in the Juliana v. United States climate lawsuit


"But you have the power to make my future livable," Valentine continued, "At the very least I’m expecting that with bold city leadership the city of Eugene will meet the Climate Recovery Ordinance goals by 2030.”


The City of Eugene adopted the Climate Recovery Ordinance in 2014 and later updated it in 2016. One of the goals of the ordinance is to reduce to city's reliance on fossils fuels by 50% by 2030.


Demands presented during public comment included banning new fossil fuel infrastructure, and mandating a 100% transition of all utilities to renewable energy by 2030.


Speakers also called for creating a fee for NW Natural utility company and other companies that release greenhouse gases. Then use those funds to help low income and marginalized communities purchase electric appliances as part of the transition to renewable energy.

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