Eugene Activists Rally Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

Jun 14, 2018

Rally-goers marched in downtown Eugene to stand with the activist group, “Families Belong Together” Thursday as part of a national protest.

Close to 80 people flocked to Kesey Square with chants and signs to demand immediate reform for the recent policy separating migrant families at the U.S. border. The rally was part of a nationally organized effort taking place in over 57 cities.  
The U.S. Government began separating families who crossed the border illegally as a matter of policy to crack down on illegal immigration.
Katherine Chandler coordinated with Families Belong Together to bring the event to Eugene, and she says that as a parent, the rally was necessary.
“They’re the reason I’m here. I wouldn’t understand the trauma that that could produce without being a mom. Hearing the stories hit me right in the gut. They’re heartbreaking and horrible, and they have to stop.”
While Eugene is far from the Southern border, Chandler said Oregonians can call their representatives to take part in the movement.