Eugene Breaks A Record For Longest Stretch Of Rainy Days

Apr 26, 2017

Portland is experiencing its second wettest water year on record, while Eugene is only in its 24th wettest year in history.  It has, however, broken a record for the longest number of days of measurable precipitation at 143 days since October 1st.

Credit Pixabay

Andy Bryant is with the National Weather Service in Portland. He says Eugene has escaped some showers this spring.
 “Just in the last couple months there’s been at least one incident where we had really heavy rain at Corvallis and little to no rain in Eugene.” Bryant says, “So part of it is just the way the weather has played out for this year.”
Bryant has some good news for sun-starved Willamette Valley residents. The forecast is calling for sunshine this Friday and Saturday. Bryant expects more sunny days next week with temperatures in the mid-60s.
Bryant says the real positive about all this rain is that Oregon’s lakes and reservoirs are full.