Eugene Calls For New Street Name Suggestions

Aug 26, 2019

The City of Eugene is asking people to submit name suggestions for three new streets in the Downtown Riverfront.

The decommissioned steam plant.
Credit Amy Brenneman / KLCC

This new neighborhood will connect downtown Eugene to the river. It will include a park, mixed housing, as well as a restored steam plant that will house many businesses.

One of the new streets will be a main route and the other two are side streets.

Caitlin Estes, communications coordinator, says the city wants names that reflect Eugene’s values.

“Suggested street names need to meet some theme criteria and also some practical guidelines to be considered,” says Estes. “The themes are community and culture, ecology and the river, and industry and energy. Things that really connect to the Downtown Riverfront and our community as a whole.”

People can submit name ideas until September 13th. Then, after a round of voting for the top six, Mayor Lucy Vinis will choose the final names.

The Downtown Riverfront development is planned to be finished before the 2021 Track and Field World Championships.