Eugene Centenarian Gets 2nd Dose Of Covid Vaccine

Feb 19, 2021

A 104-year-old woman who credits her mom’s pumpkin seed soup for helping her survive the flu pandemic of 1918, got her 2nd covid-19 vaccine dose Friday in Eugene.

Bernice Homan recently turned 104 years old. She was given the second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on Friday (Feb. 19), at Willamette Oaks in Eugene.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Bernice Homan received the shot along with other residents and staff and staff at Willamette Oaks Retirement Home. She taught school for most of her life. First, as a young woman in rural South Dakota.

“And I had to shovel the snow to the outhouses and walk two miles to get there,” Homan said. “And I was the only adult in the room of youngsters and I think that’s why I’m living so long.”

Homan said keeping busy has kept her alive. She doesn’t understand why some people distrust or are afraid of getting vaccinated.

“I’m so delighted that we can have ‘em come here and give them to us,” Homan said, “But, I think, the people that are afraid of it, that’s silly.”

After she got the shot, Homan said she hardly felt it.

Homan turned 104 on Feb. 11, 2021. She told KLCC she's lived at Willamette Oaks for 30 years in the same apartment. She and her husband moved to Eugene from Washington state to be near their son. Her husband passed soon after they moved here. 

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