Eugene City Council Continues Debate On Accessory Dwelling Units

Oct 23, 2019

Credit City of Eugene

Eugene city councilors weighed in on a series of motions on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), on Wednesday. Councilors ended their work session by holding off on a final vote that would have loosened restrictions on owner occupancy and parking requirements.

While councilors didn’t get to the more contentious ordinance, they did manage to pass motions promoting the building of ADU’s above garages and on sloped lots. Councilor Jennifer Yeh’s motions on easing requirements on flag lots and alley ways both failed. 

“My personal overarching policy is that we need more housing of all types no matter whether every single one is gonna be affordable or not people want more choices in our community. And we have people coming to our community and they need to live somewhere,” said Councilor Yeh during the meeting.

The meeting was rife with debate over how best to comply with HB 2001, a new state housing law passed this year. Other motions, including one on lot size restrictions, will be heard at a later date. The next council meeting on ADU’s has not been scheduled.