Eugene City Council May Move Forward on Public Safety Payroll Tax Monday

Jun 9, 2019

Nearly $24 million toward public safety could be generated if the Eugene City Council approves a payroll tax Monday

EPD in downtown Eugene.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner says the need for police services has outpaced what his department is able to respond to. Last year, the city council approved 8 million dollars in temporary funds to help bridge the gap. Skinner says the council is expected to vote on a payroll tax proposal that would raise $23.6 million for police, fire and municipal courts.

“I’m hopeful for some action. I don’t know what that will be, but it will be informative for us as we move forward and hopefully it will be something that gives me an indication of what type of strategic plan and what type of vision that I need to set for this police department into the future.”

Skinner says the city is at a tipping point for public safety. He says if nothing is done, the problems will get worse.